Logan Garments (LGA) Sponsorship

The Latest MLM Scam

Logan Garments uses clothing as the platform to sell you sponsorship. When the sponsorship doesn’t work, the best way to make your money back is to bring your friends into it. After your friends spend their money, you will finally make some money. It’s the age-old scam, with a new twist.

Your Gullible

1. Logan Garments Sponsorship Promise To You

Logan Garments approaches “victims” via social media. They use vague, almost impossible identities to trace, such as Jessica Smith, aka Jane Doe, or fictional names like Scott Moor, aka Bigfoot, to contact you. After these fake names have burned so many people, they delete them and move on to new characters. If you respond, they promise great things, such as; a three or 6-month contract, free product, online talent manager (the private Facebook group that they have currently abandoned), access to their creative community (same private Facebook), and monthly payments. All you have to do is create monthly videos to send to them.

You Lose

Logan Garments Sponsorship The Raw Deal

Shortly after the robust promises, it changes. They inform you that you have to pay a membership fee that comes with two free items. It’s a sponsorship membership! Lotta ships there. Replace those “p” s with “t” s, and you’re getting closer. 

So the sponsorship that is supposedly going to pay you has turned into you pay us. Then we pay you. If Logan Garments have the financial ability to pay you, to begin with, why do they need you to have a membership? That is not how sponsorship works. We don’t know how many people have fallen for this, but we do know that to get access to their now-defunct Facebook Group, you have to sign up for a membership. At the time of this writing, the group still has 1924 members in it. According to some sources, it was as high as 2200. How many of those people do you think are collecting a check? The amount of negative press online indicates people aren’t getting paid. One look at their Instagram account shows they only follow nine people. They don’t even follow their “sponsored talent.” Most companies follow the talent they sponsor.

The Real Shitshow

Getting Your Money Or Your Product From Logan Garments

According to this review, they never even shipped the order, and yet they tried to keep the person’s money.

Logan Garments Sponsorship Is It A Scam? I Checked It Out, So You Don’t Have To!

Now they have added another step to their business model. The refer a friend program. If you aren’t happy with the amount of money you aren’t making, you can refer your friends. For every so many of your friends you sign up you can get $10 dollars. Once your friends invest money, you can actually make your money back. Thats like saying here stick your wang in this hole in the bathroom. A guy on the other side will rat trap you, and after ten of you do it, I can get my wang back. Great Idea for anyone that has too many friends. Because who needs friends?

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