Who Is Logan Garments or LGA?

On Paper Logan Garments Doesn’t Exist

If you get scammed by Logan Garments, you have no legal recourse. On paper and in a Legal jurisdiction, they do not exist as far as we can tell. They only have a social media footprint. You might as well be doing business with Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Chupacabra, Krampus, or Gjenganger. Seriously, walk away, but spell walk, R-U-N!

Not a Registered Business

No Business Registered Under Logan Garments or LGA in the UK or EU

According to information that Logan Garments submits to numerous sites, they are a UK Company, and they use a UK domain extension and even a UK email. However, business registration searches on Gov.UK do not show a valid business registration for LGA or Logan Garments. Several LGA businesses appear in the search, but all fall short of a clothing company upon closer inspection. 


Giving them the benefit of the doubt, we performed an EU business search using e-justice.Europa.EU/. There were no businesses named Logan Garments listed. Several named LGA, but once again, upon closer inspection, none matched up with Logan Garments.


The Theories

Logan Garments The Alternate Identities

Logan Garment Identity Number 1:

Logan Garments operates under another companies business license. This is a definite possibility but creates the question of, Why not disclose the parent company? The only time businesses don’t reveal the parent company is to protect the parent company. Why protect the parent company unless you are doing something wrong? Failure to disclose the parent company is shady behavior.

Logan Garments Alternate Identity Number 2: (Most Likely)

Logan Garments is a Scam. In an exchange with one disgruntled customer, Logan Garments claimed to be a “Meaturing” company. We aren’t sure what “Meaturing” means, so we looked it up in the dictionary. It wasn’t there. So we looked it up in the Urban Dictionary. WOWZERS! This is what we imagine LGA looks like during the meaturing process. 

We can only assume that they meant maturing. We know from a generic google search result history that Logan Garments is anything but maturing. They have been using this marketing model since 2013. If anything, they have had eight years to perfect it. We can only assume, everything is working exactly the way it should. .

It’s A Scam So Who Are The Scammers

Our Best Guess on The Origination of the LGA Scam

When considering the high number of Eastern European people submitting videos and pictures, the people they follow on Instagram, and their lack of transparency, we think they are a hustle organization in one of the former Soviet Republics.

They have just enough people to submit videos and pictures to make it look legit, but at the same time, they target anyone gullible enough to do a subscription-based sponsorship.

The only way to contact them is through social media, at profiles with generic names. There is no contact information besides email; there isn’t a valid business registration and no physical address. There isn’t one shred of evidence that suggests Logan Garments is a legitimate company. Anyone can make a testimonial video, that’s what actors are for. Anyone can do a photoshoot. A legitimate business registration, an agent of service, a place where you can be sued is something that legitimate businesses do and something that Logan Garments has not done.

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