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Logan Garments Mythical Clothing

Logan Garments Internet Hoax
Fake Company Logan Garments

Who Logan Garments Wants You To Think They Are!

Logan Garments provides you with branded and good quality stuff. It offers trendy and most modern in Creative culture, and we’re not just talking about the garments. We revolutionized the business model and the sponsorship industry. Logan Garments is incorporating the multi-level marketing model into the sponsorship and clothing business.


Logan Garments We’re A Scam!

Who Is Logan Garments?

Logan Garments or LGA claims to be a UK Clothing company. They claim they are a younger maturing business. However, a quick search of Logan Garments or LGA in the UK shows that they are not a registered business in the UK. Another quick internet search reveals they have been in business in one-way shape or form since 2013.


Find Out How You Can Waste Your Money At Logan Garments!

LGA Gear

Are you fond of wearing fashionable and trendy gear, if yes then you are at the right place, Logan Garments. Here you will find the modern version of the Emperor’s New Clothes! We don’t ship you clothes, we sell you a dream, we encourage your imagination, when you are wearing our product, you imagine wearing anything you want.

LGA Merchandise

Order imaginary merchandise like Hoodies, Lower, jumpers, caps, t-shirts, Logan Garments can incorporate the boots or the mini skirt into your personal style, If you are devoted towards wearing modish and stylish clothes then check out our brand.

LGA Sponsorship

Is your hidden talent being gullible? We have a proposition for you! Send us your money and maybe we will send you some clothes. You can always say you are sponsored by us. A company nobody cares about. Our sponsorship model is so innovative, even Nike hasn’t thought of it.

Logan Garments Sponsorship Made Easy

Movie about Logan Garments

"I have paid LGA for clothes, and then I don't get them... Lost lots of money here"

Fanny, from the Facebook Group Logan Garments Team Member Support/Advice Group

"Oh it's def a scam. They do a subscription based sponsorship now. Like, pay them to be their billboard. F that. Lol"

Kyle, from the facebook Logan Garments Team Member Support/Advice Group

"Totally got scammed by Logan Garments. I hope others are smarter than I was!"

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People Enjoying LGA Merchandise They Didn’t Get

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